Will writing service
Available for existing customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance


Will writing services
Available for existing customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance

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What is a Will ?

A Will is a legal document that helps distribute the property and assets of the deceased person as per their wishes.

Did you know?

  • In India a Will can be made on a plain paper as the Government of India has exempted payment of Stamp Duty for a Will
  • Registration or Notarisation of a Will is also NOT mandatory
  • The Will only needs to be signed by the person in presence of two witnesses and is accepted by all courts of Law in India as a Legal Will or witnesses personally know from the testator that the testator has signed the Will

Why is Will writing Important?

For any family, passing of a loved one can be distressing. At such a time, having a documented Will helps:

  • Reduces uncertainty and stress and helps family members sort things easily
  • Prevents delays in wealth distribution esp. property, insurance claims, etc. (these sometimes can take upto 1 year without Succession Certificate)
  • Distribute assets as per your wishes - to direct and indirect beneficiaries
  • Protects interests of dependents and support their future

Who should make a Will?

Any individual of 18 years of age or above owning any asset be it a Property, life Insurance policy, Bank Account, Demat Account, etc. can make a Will.
It will ensure that these assets are passed on to beneficiaries of one's choice.

To get a Will drafted, you can opt for Online (service providers) or Offline (with the help of
Legal professionals or Will experts) modes. Online option is QUICK, SIMPLE and EASY. The online option is preferred as it saves time and money and the
Will can be created easily from the comfort of your homes.

About WillAssist

Existing customers of Tata AIA Life Insurance can avail this complimentary service of WillAssist. Through this service, customers can create their Will to decide asset distribution to their loved ones through a simple, quick, online process.

Steps to create Will

  • Enter your Tata AIA Life Insurance policy number and Date of birth in the validation window above
  • On validation of policy details, you will be redirected to the
  • Register to create your unique login ID and password
  • Fill in the key details - personal, family, name of assets you own, distribution, witness names
  • Click 'Preview' to read your Will
  • Click 'Generate' and get your draft Will on a word document to your registered email ID
  • Print your Will on any plain paper and sign it in the presence of 2 witnesses
  • Your Legal Will document is READY; keep it at a safe place

Please note:You can create or modify your Will within 60 days of registration on the website. After 60 days, your data will be deleted from servers for security purpose.

Customer Support

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